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Worming Program - 2020

All Agister's are required to worm on the same day to keep the herd and paddocks free from all types of worms. Manure is not left to sit in our grazing paddocks due to our active fundraising program whereby manure is bagged and sold at the gate. These actions contribute to the good health of our agisted horses.

Used wormers are to be put into the allocated containers with the horses name on the empty plunger for proof of worming on the due day. Both South and North paddocks have buckets available for collection of used wormers.

The Hendra Pony Club commenced a new worming paste regime in early 2018 (to provide cover against encysted small strongyles) using Equest Plus Tape. Advice to members regarding upcoming worming dates is provided prior to every worming day and the club has worming paste for sale. A rotational wormer is given only once a year (Strategy-T) and advice will be provided well in advance so members can purchase that wormer. Note: Austack often provides discounts for wormers to our members.

Further advice and information on our worming program can be obtained from one of our Worming Officers.

Failure to worm on the allocated day may result in the agistment rules being breached.