Hendra Pony Club

Since 1959


The muster uniform for boys and girls are as follows:

•Brown jodhpurs / Brown Moleskins
•Green HPC polo shirt
Brown jodhpur boots / black long boots as per PCQ rules

    (brown chaps optional)

•Green HPC saddle blanket

•Regulation helmet (to current PCQ rules)

•Hair to be tied back, jewellery to be removed

•Gloves optional

The formal uniform for interclub days, official events, examinations and formal HPC events as follows:

•Brown jodhpurs / Brown Moleskins
•Bottle/dark green tie
•Mint long sleeve collared button up shirt
•Dark Green woollen vest
•HPC Pin Tie
•Brown jodhpur boots / Black Long boots as per PCQ rules
•Regulation helmet (to current PCQ rules)
•Hair to be in hairnet, jewellery to be removed,
•Green HPC saddle blanket
•Gloves optional

New members are required to be in full uniform by their third muster.


Available for sale through the club is: Kersey wool saddle blankets, ties, tie pins, muster shirts, formal woollen vests and limited formal shirts for adults only.


Mint shirts can be purchased from most school uniform suppliers including online at Lowes.  Dark brown jodphurs and/or moleskins are available from most saddlery's (including online at Lyndi J - Just Joddies).


The following items are sold by HPC and are available from the canteen coordinator:


Order form

Muster Uniform Item price
Short sleeve muster shirt -  $40.00 

Long sleeve muster shirt -  $60.00 (only avail when 10 or more are needed)

Saddle cloth (Kersey wool) $70.00

Official Uniform Item price
Long sleeve mint shirt (old Stock - adult sizes only) - $15.00
Long sleeve mint shirt - $40.00
Vest Woollen - $45.00
Saddle cloth (Kersey wool)  - $70.00
Tie (zippered)  - $20.00 
HPC Tie pin - $5.00

Other items (available individually)
Caps - $15.00

Second hand uniform items
A range of second hand items are available from time to time (please talk to the canteen coordinator as some are free and others are for sale - especially items that are near new).