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2020 - Club Award Winners

Muster points:

1st: Eloise Curran

2nd: Imogen Hoole

3rd: Anabella Wardle

Points Days:

12yrs & under:        Eloise Curran

13-16yrs:                Mikayla Dillon

17yrs & over:          Sarah Gant

Presentation & Rider Class:

11yrs & under:     Caitlyn Robinson

12-14yrs:             Eloise Curran

15-16yrs:             Imogen Hoole

17-25yrs:             Sarah Gant

Individual Discipline Trophies:

Highest Points Dressage                     Not awarded 2020

Highest Points Sporting                       Not awarded 2020

Highest Points Show Jumping             Not awarded 2020

Highest Points Derby                           Not awarded 2020

Highest Points Combined Training      Not awarded 2020

Highest Points Campdraft                    Not awarded 2020

Highest Points Tetrathlon                     Not awarded 2020

Log Book Shields:

U/12              x

12&O            x

Garred Shields:

12yrs & under:         Caitlyn Robinson

13-16yrs:                 Imogen Hoole

17yrs & over:           Meg O'Brien

Lyndall Vaughan Trophy:                    Mirabella Heaton

Leanne Linard Shield:                         Gracie Hyne

Horse Care Mastership Shield:          Abbi Stirling

President's Volunteer of the Year:     David Hyne

Progress Medallions:


Mirabella Heaton

Gracie Hyne

Abbi Stirling


Anabella Wardle

Lucy Swan


Emma Dillon

Meg O'Brien

Amelia Simpson

Recognition Certificates

State Representatives:

Mikayla Dillon

Emma Dillon

Zone 1 teams events:

Kate Lister

Emma Dillon

Pony Club Australia - Annual National Awards (2020)

Best Achievement rider 18-25yrs Sarah Gant

Trophies available for members.

Hendra Pony Club has a number of different trophies available to be awarded. The club encourages riders to try for trophies in different areas, so all riding members have a chance to win. Time and effort put into riding their horse pays off when they can see awards for their efforts.

To be eligible to receive trophies, agisting members need to of have completed their agistment contract, including 20 hours of working bee's and non-agisting riding members need to have attended musters, competitions, working bees and/or fundraising events during the year.

Muster trophies: For over all highest points over the year. There are 3 trophies available: 1st, 2nd & 3rd. 

These awards are not age based and points are awarded to the riders who come along to musters with their tack nice and clean/oiled, with their shirts tucked in and boots shiny and with their horse looking neat, brushed and well shot. (10 points each for; attendance, tack and horse). 

All attendees of horse-less musters receive 10points for attendance.

Point’s day trophies: Points days are to encourage riders in fun competition and to help riders gain confidence. Riders may ride within age or ability groups (ie; jump heights can vary) and points will be awarded depending on the event and the instructor’s advice. 

Trophies are awarded to the highest point’s winner in each age group.

Points Days for both formal and sporting disciplines are held each year.

Presentation and Rider Class trophies: This competition is part of our Points Days where Presentation & Rider Class are awarded per event and whoever wins the highest points of the 2 events will receive a trophy. Age groups are 11yrs and under, 12-14yrs, 15-16yrs, 17-25yrs and seniors.

Lyndall Vaughan Involvement Award: Lyndall was a child rider back in the 80's, her family donated this trophy to give to a rider who actively gets involved and wants to be fully involved within pony club.  

This award covers not only riding but also around the grounds, canteen, out at events and any activity organized by the club.

Leanne Linard Triers Award: Donated by MP Leanne Linard for the rider who tries and gives their best to everything they do.   

They may not have the skills yet to succeed at a high level, but they always try to do what they can without complaint showing good sportsmanship.  

The winner of the Triers Award is the rider who gives everything a go within their capabilities and always tries hard for their club.

Garrad Club Spirit Shields: The Garrad family donated 3 perpetual plaques to the club which date back to the early days of 1969. There are 3 age groups: 12yrs & under, 13-16yrs & 17yrs and over. 

The trophies are for people who show good horsemanship, ability to help others, may not be riding members but put in time for the club and other members, they may not win but show good spirit when at outside events or within the club.

Horse Care Mastership Shield: Created and donated by Master Farrier, Steve Crosbie in 2018. This shield was presented to the club by Steve to be awarded annually to the member who shows outstanding care for their horse (including good hoof care, grooming, exercise, health care and wound management).

Log Book Shields: The club encourages riders to keep a log book to keep track of what they have done with their horse during the year.  

There are 2 age groups: Juniors (U/12yrs) and Intermediate and above (12yrs and over). Log books must be handed in to the Chief Instructor no later than November 1st each year.

Progress Awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These awards are given to riders who have shown throughout the year that they are progressing in their riding and deserve recognition for that effort. Riders are unlikely to progress to the next level within a year as it can and usually does take some years for rider's skill levels and confidence to develop as required to move to the next level.

Volunteer of the Year: This perpetual trophy was donated to the club by Fiona Mamet (Club President 2016- ) to give recognition to the club member who has given of their time and effort without complaint throughout the year.  

The Volunteer of the Year is chosen by the current President and will be awarded to the member who volunteers without being asked and can be relied upon to happily help as needed. 

Individual discipline trophies: Riders who win points at Zone 1 clubs events and formal events outside of Zone 1 (ie; while competing in our formal uniform) are able to win a trophy for highest points for each discipline. Disciplines can be Dressage, Show jumping, Hunter trials, Combined Training, Gymkhana's, Derby, ODE, Mounted games, Tetrathlon and Camp drafting. 

Points are to be given to the Chief Instructor within one month of winning the points (via; [email protected]). Note: NO points can be earned at events attended that occur on the same day as a Hendra PC muster.