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Agistment Rules for 2017

Agistment Regulations for  Hendra Pony Club

An amendment was agreed to by the Management committee on April 11, 2018, the Agistment regulations will be updated shortly.  Members were notified via our members only facebook page and the Water Trough, Rubbish Bin roster info updated.
Advice provided to members on Sunday April 15th:

Agistment regulations - monthly roster

At last week’s committee meeting a motion was made (and accepted) to make a change to how we do things at the club - in relation to mowing and the monthly roster, due to the need to share more widely the job of mowing and to give families more access to maintenance hours outside of working bees.


Motion: That the monthly roster include a minimum of 2 hours mowing.  This change came into effect as of July 2018. 


During the month(s) that you are rostered on for wheelie bins and manure, you will also be required to undertake 2 hours (min) of mowing. That mowing should be done where ever it is most needed but DOES NOT include the show jumping arena (as the Re-Gen team maintain that arena).


All families not yet using a mower will need to complete, over the next few months, a mower induction session and undertake some mowing under supervision to ensure the safe use and care of the mower.


Refilling the petrol can (unleaded 91) and cleaning the mowers after each use is all part and parcel of the job folks – Our mowers are valuable club assets and we need every minute of their expected life spans.