Hendra Pony Club

Since 1959

Records Day at HPC

Annual Records Day 

Groups: Riders will ride in individual age groups depending on age as at January 1st (10&U, 11-15yrs, 16yrs & Over).


This is an annual event and riders compete to try and beat previous years age champion records in dressage and showjumping.  Sporting times are not age specific.






     10 & Under Test - Walk Trot A  - 68%                        (K. Lister)

     11 - 15 Years Test – Prelim 1.C  -  66.5%                  (S. Gant)

     16 Years & Over Test – Prelim 2A or Prelim 2.3


  Showjumping - A2 

      12&U - 1.12s                  (K. Lister)

       13&O - 49.32s               (C. Stuart)


  Sporting times to beat 

    Running T - 16.13s        (R. Mamet)

    Barrels - 23.6s                (R. Mamet)

    Bounce Pony - 9.44s      (R. Mamet)

    Drum & Peg - 11.06s      (R. Mamet)

    Flagging - 51.01             (J. Weir)

    Bending - 13.91s            (L. Barr)

    Cloverleaf - 21.40s         (G. Hyne)