Hendra Pony Club

Since 1959

Nominations for events and competitions

All nominations that require a Hendra Pony Club cheque, need to be emailed or given to the Nominations Officer by the close of date advised. The close off date given is normally 4-5 working days prior to the event cut off date, this is so a club cheque can be raised and posted in time to make the event cut-off date. The email must contain all relevant details e.g. Riders Name, Class, Horses Name, Age Group, stabling & camping requirements ect. Emails must be sent to hendranominations@yahoo.com.au 

All nominations must be pre-paid and if any Agisting members owe money to HPC, their nomination will not be accepted until all moneys are paid in full.  Members can pay extra into the HPC account but need to let the treasurer know it is for future events.

Some Zone 1 events get billed to HPC but members still need to nominate through HPC Nominations Officer.