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Horseless Muster - September 2017 presentations:


Musters are generally held once a month between February & November during the year, days can change depending on instructor availability.  Check out the calendar or look for updates on the HPC Facebook page.  

HPC operates an Instructor Panel to ensure the knowledge and experience of our instructors is best utilized at musters. 


The Muster points are designed for members who are not ready to compete at outside events or do not  have transport yet, so they are able to try for the Muster trophy. This will be taken into consideration for the result of end of year Muster trophies. 


Muster points are taken at each muster and are added up for overall highest points for end of year Muster trophy points for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.


Points are split up in three categories:

Horse: 10pts.   Clean, groomed, hooves tidy, etc.

Rider:  10pts.   Correct muster uniform, clean & tidy, being on time.

Gear:   10pts.   Clean, correctly fitting, correct saddle cloth, etc.

This can make a total of 30 pts available. 


Riders will lose points if they are not ready and lined up by the set time for the muster to start.


Points will be deducted for being late at a rate of 5pts per 5 minutes late.


Club instructors

Gael Gant, Tina Smith, Sue Chaki, Sara Stuart, Terri Dillon, Lisa Hoole & Grant Lynham.


Muster format

Musters are set out by the Instructor Panel to help educate riders and prepare riders for coming events.   The club will try to cover all PC disciplines throughout the year (including; dressage, showjumping, sporting, cross country, mounted games, target challenge and troop drill).  


After muster points have been awarded and gear check completed, depending on instructor availability, riders will be split up into appropriate groups.  Flat work will generally kick things off, then a specific lesson will be set out for riders to practice or improve on the different disciplines.


Muster times will vary on instructor availability and to try and avoid riders and horse being ridden in the heat of the day.  Night musters, under lights, occur occasionally.

A $5 muster fee is payable on the day.