Hendra Pony Club

Since 1959

 Contact Us

Contact Person: Terri Dillon - Secretary

Email Address: hpc.secretary@outlook.com

Phone Number: 0401 468 155

Postal Address: PO Box 15, Banyo  QLD  4014

Location: 695 Nudgee Rd, Northgate QLD 4013

PIC No:  QHBB0989

Executive Committee:

President                      -  Fiona Mamet (mb: 0403 726 447)

Secretary                     -  Terri Dillon

Treasurer                     -  Justin Rosenberg

Vice President              - Tina Smith

VP, Chief Instructor      - Gael Gant (mb: 0425 431 179)

Committee Members:

Lyndall Vaughan

Mandy Randle

Meg O'Brien

Contact Email Addresses:

Secretary         -  hpc.secretary@outlook.com

Accounts          - hpc.accounts@outlook.com

Nominations     - hpc.nominations@outlook.com

Points/Results  - hpc.points@outlook.com

Members with specific jobs for the club 

Agistment Coordinator                   - Lyndall Vaughan

Canteen Convener                        - Shane Dillon

Grants Coordinator                        - Gael Gant 

Grounds Officer (North)                 - Gael Gant

Grounds Officer (South)                 - Greg Weir & Corey Barr

Manure Officer (North)                   - Georgia Glenn

Manure Officer (South)                   - Lyndall Vaughan

Sun Safe Officer                             - Lisa Hoole

Zone Delegates   - Justin Rosenberg

                            - Tina Smith

                            - Fiona Mamet

NCAS Level 1 Instructors:         Tina Smith

                                                   Grant Lynham


NACS Prelim Instructors:           Gael Gant

                                                   Sue Chaki (Susan Kundicevic)

                                                   Sara Stuart

                                                   Terri Dillon

                                                   Lisa Hoole

                                                   Georgia Glenn    

NCAS Jnr Prelim Instructor:       Sarah Gant

We have a talented group of people on the management committee & helper's who help run and make decisions for the club.


Only Agisting Members or Non-Agisting levy paid Members are eligible to have keys to HPC grounds and key deposit is $50 payable prior to key being allocated.  Loss of key will incur a $50 replacement fee.

Anti Harassment rules apply: 
All Members who have joined the club have also agreed to abide by the Anti Harassment policy for PCAQ.  There will be no tolerance towards harassment either by email phone or in person.   


A lot of club photos are on http://www.dropshots.com/  - if you are a financial member you can ask for the password to gain access, just contact Terri.

Issues and concern Procedure

Horse Health Contacts

Horse health issue:  Bring to the attention of instructors to talk to owner.

Any other issues in the club:  Excecutive committee to be contacted to deal with issue. If it is not able to be dealt with by the Executive, it will be brought to the management committee, to review and resolve at the next monthly meeting.

Horse Health Contacts

In no specific order most are web linked in links area.  It is up to each person who they would like to use.


Morayfield vets: Brett Morris 0408 720 843

Manly Road Vets: 3396 9733

Equine Vets Eaglefarm: Mark McGarry 0437 411 928

Eaglefarm vets: Lester 3268 4577 or 0419 222 728   eaglefarmvets@gmail.com

Samford vets: www.samfordvetscom.au  3289 1322


Matt Druery 0448 954 758

Steve Crosbie: 0412 356 993

Mark McGee: 0404 264 371

Kristian Coates: :