Hendra Pony Club

Since 1959

End of Year Awards luncheon

Our annual end of year awards ceremony will include a buffet luncheon at the club on Sunday December 2nd.  Timetable for the event is:

9am        2018 AGM (incl; election of new 2019 committee)

10am      1st meeting for 2019 committee

11am      Trophies and awards presentation

12noon   Buffet lunch

North Paddock resurfacing works

Our north paddock is now a safe, flat and well grassed grazing and riding surface thanks to extensive works by the Brisbane City Council.  

The old city landfill, that hadn't been capped properly some 40 years ago, has now been compacted and resurfaced providing us with much improved area.

We are extremely grateful to the BCC for undertaking this much needed project.